Diane’s Vision for Stonecrest District #5:  Connecting you to the city of the future!

Building a Smart City is not just about a new place to live, it is more about a new way to live.

Smart leadership comes from the pure ability to influence.  It cannot be awarded, appointed, assigned or mandated.  21st Century politics demands leadership that can influence a digital government vision and strategy that will drive a digital government agenda to  business/community leaders,  executives and citizens in terms that they can relate to.

Smart City infrastructure that primarily focuses on efficient citizen services and improves everyday life.

Ensuring the construction of useful building services that make the occupants productive (e.g. illumination, thermal comfort, air quality, physical security, sanitation, and many more( at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building’s lifecycle.

Promote education and resource awareness that provides home owners comfort security, energy efficiency (low operation cost) and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is at home.

Develop technologies, services and practices that enables digital literacy and  Community Outreach efforts to increase the STEM pipeline via our Social Impact Program.

Job training programs to assist individuals in launching a career in a great manner and achieve fast progress in their profession as well as facilitating broad industries with well-trained 21st century manpower to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Develop a service based ecosystem of interacting objects, e.g. sensors, devices, appliances and embedded systems in general that have the capability to self-organize, to provide services and manipulate/publish complex date for citizen consumption.

The deployment of a collaborative, organized system of technologies which will help prevent and suppress crime.

Building a Smart City for Smart Citizens is Smart growth!