Diane’s Vision for Super District 7:

Repair Roads and infrastructure, Public Safety and Business

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Let’s create beautiful, safe, green sustainable walkable neighborhoods

We will work together to engage all residents and be transparent. Together we can be stronger. So let’s do the following:

  • Enhance our business permitting process and customer service
  • Improve the roads and infrastructure and fill those potholes permanently
  • Provide state of the art training to our policemen and firemen
  • Continue to create robust tourism, film and music industries
  • Support senior citizens and Veterans
  • Educate our youth on critical thinking and provide them with summer jobs and zone land for mentoring empowerment centers.

Working towards positive diverse relationships and solutions for the greatest number of people is a first good step. This includes faith based, other nonprofits, businesses, government entities and residents. Let’s create communities where everyone is a proud stakeholder and well informed.


Remember, we can be better.

About the Candidate

Diane Daniels Adoma was born in Bainbridge, Georgia and resides in Lithonia. Diane is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in marketing, an MBA with an emphasis in eCommerce and a PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management. Click here to read Diane’s Full Bio